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Who we are

Explore the world of education beyond textbooks with STEMOrbit, a pioneering organization. Since our founding in 2019 by the dynamic team of Varun Sanduja and Amanpreet Kaur—two innovators in the fields of Electronics and Communication EngineeringSTEMOrbit has set out to revolutionize education for learners in grades 1 through 12.

What we do

We do more than just teach ; we ignite students’ interest, encourage their creativity, and send them into an orbit of limitless possibilities. Our core competency is creating educational experiences that are transformative, breaking through traditional boundaries and guiding students toward a future full of opportunity and promise.

Our Values

Making STEM Education Accessible to All

  • Innovative Exploration: To motivate the following generation of thinkers and doers, we continuously innovate and pioneer new tools and technologies as we navigate new educational territory.
  • Empowering Education: The foundation of our strategy is the belief that every student has potential that is just waiting to be realized. We give students the abilities, information, and self-assurance they need to set their own paths and direct their own lives.
  • Collaborative Universe: Our universe is based on cooperation. We cultivate relationships with the most brilliant minds in business, academia, and beyond in order to enhance educational opportunities and inspire students to achieve greatness.
  • Universal accessibility. Education has no boundaries in our universe. We promote accessibility and inclusivity, making sure that everyone, irrespective of circumstances or background, can access our game-changing programs and resources.


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